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Advance in the plot? ( As in, skip past trying to full group roleplay and just skip through till the actual update?) 

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Countdown to Gathering Will Be Assigned Soon

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Saturday, May 10th @ 6:05pm

Stay tuned for next month's gathering information!

Wandering Warriors

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Leader: Rabbitstar (StarBurnAva)
Deputy: Scarfslash (blackeyes22)
Medicine Cat: Rowenstep (SwedenCollapse)
Clan of the quick and bold, the power of electricity! Most common power is the ability to stun enemies. These cats hate water, but love to run. Weak against Earth, but strong against water.

Leader: Ravenstar (SwedenCollapse)
Deputy: TBD
Medicine Cat: Blazingspirit (StarBurnAva)
Clan of the strong and curious, always wanting to explore new places, and their common power is the ability to create a small fireball at the jaws of their mouths, have the ability to set things on fire (Not on purpose), Hence why they live at the base of a rocky mountain and not the forest. They hate water more then Lightningclan, as well as the cold winters. But these cat's are always practicing for the power of fire, is harder to control then others. They are weak against Water

Leaders: Midnightstar (Surgetic)
Deputy: TBD
Medicine Cat: ??? ( Emberria )
The clan of the healing and creative, these humble cats basically live in the water, as well as control it. Their common power is the ability to create waves at the pads of their paws, but do not create large enough once to hurt anybody (Much). These cats enjoy swimming, and are strong against Fire, and weak against Lightning.

Leader: Almondstar (blackeyes22)
Deputy: Russetsky(StarBurnAva)
Medicine Cat: Moonshade (dragonflame185)
Strong and bold cats, they are not afraid to take on anyone, but will not attack with out a good reason. Their common attack is the ability to bite hard, their bite almost seems like they have rocks in their teeth. These cats Have no real weakness, except that Each of the other clans can hurt them in certain ways, that are still unknown. These cats have strangely a big amount of herbs in their territory, and love to play.

Leader: Brierstar (bambifawnluv)
Deputy: Cricketchirp (Surgetic)
Medicine Cat: Brierstar for the time being
Clan of discovery and acceptance, Screechclan is kind to most other clans and is known for accepting those who are different, since it was formed similarly. The cats in this clan are usually sleek and have good agility. As they come from all the clans their pelt colors vary, as well as their personalities. Screechclan is weak against Streamclan and Flareclan, but is strong against Earthclan and Lightningclan.


Any questions/comments/concerns? Message StarBurnAva OR bambifawnluv! They are sure to respond ASAP.





Medicine Cats


The clans grew quiet as the winds intensified more than before, the rain flew sideways, and almost upwards, the circular balls of ice had increased in size, and the clouds darkened making the once bright afternoon look like moon high. Only no stars shown, no light shone at all. Two large clouds billowed downwards throwing loose debris around as it spiraled towards the ground. Yowls of terror filled the air as cats watched as trees were ripped from their roots, boulders picked up from their places  in the ground thrown around like the wind and a feather.

"Everyone! Head for the mountains!" One of the leaders called out, cats were running about looking for their loved ones.
"Everyone move now!" Another leader called out, and cats started rushing out of FlareClan's camp. Some strayed behind making sure that no cat was left behind. 

Once everyone was out of camp, the swarm of cats headed towards moonflame, where they thought it was safest. They needed to get out of the wind and rain, or they would surely freeze to death before the large predator like clouds swallowed them up like it had their homes. 

Cats had reported of Moonflame's flooding and collapse and the cats were panicked, they didn't know where to go. The leaders took charge and tried to calm their clanmates. 

"We need to go deeper into the mountains, away from the valley! There has to be another cave or somewhere we can hide!" One called out, and they lead the way into the tall unventured lands that border their homeland. They needed shelter and fast. Younger cats and older cats wouldn't last long in the cold. Everyone was already tired from fighting their way out of the own damaged camps, with the flooding, and the fire, everyone was exhausted. Some still mourned for the lost ones who had been left behind in their territories, but they pushed on. 

The clans soon found a big enough crevice in the side of the mountain where they all could shelter from the rain, and hopefully the rapidly spinning clouds. Some cats questioned why this was happening, others wept out of fright and others tried to help others calm down.

By the looks of it, they might have to stay there for a while.

Hello everyone! Sorry for the strange ways of trying to get this done. But we have decided that the way we were attempting to get through this update was taking way too long, so i'm just writing out what happens, but you are very welcome to roleplay from where I left off! You can either post a starter here (you don't need to make a new comment in response this time!) You can roleplay over notes, or other sources, draw, write, anything really! All will count as extra EXP! C: 

Sorry for the long wait, and enjoy the update! The next part will be out pretty soon! Stay tuned!

- Star

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