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Wandering Warriors

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Leader: Rabbitstar (StarBurnAva)
Deputy: Scarfslash (blackeyes22)
Medicine Cat: Rowenstep (SwedenCollapse)
Clan of the quick and bold, the power of electricity! Most common power is the ability to stun enemies. These cats hate water, but love to run. Weak against Earth, but strong against water.

Leader: Ravenstar (SwedenCollapse)
Deputy: TBD
Medicine Cat: Blazingspirit (StarBurnAva)
Clan of the strong and curious, always wanting to explore new places, and their common power is the ability to create a small fireball at the jaws of their mouths, have the ability to set things on fire (Not on purpose), Hence why they live at the base of a rocky mountain and not the forest. They hate water more then Lightningclan, as well as the cold winters. But these cat's are always practicing for the power of fire, is harder to control then others. They are weak against Water

Leaders: Midnightstar (SolarSynedrion)
Deputy: TBD
Medicine Cat: ??? ( Emberria )
The clan of the healing and creative, these humble cats basically live in the water, as well as control it. Their common power is the ability to create waves at the pads of their paws, but do not create large enough once to hurt anybody (Much). These cats enjoy swimming, and are strong against Fire, and weak against Lightning.

Leader: Almondstar (blackeyes22)
Deputy: Russetsky(StarBurnAva)
Medicine Cat: Moonshade (dragonflame185)
Strong and bold cats, they are not afraid to take on anyone, but will not attack with out a good reason. Their common attack is the ability to bite hard, their bite almost seems like they have rocks in their teeth. These cats Have no real weakness, except that Each of the other clans can hurt them in certain ways, that are still unknown. These cats have strangely a big amount of herbs in their territory, and love to play.

Leader: Brierstar (bambifawnluv)
Deputy: Cricketchirp (SolarSynedrion)
Medicine Cat: Brierstar for the time being
Clan of discovery and acceptance, Screechclan is kind to most other clans and is known for accepting those who are different, since it was formed similarly. The cats in this clan are usually sleek and have good agility. As they come from all the clans their pelt colors vary, as well as their personalities. Screechclan is weak against Streamclan and Flareclan, but is strong against Earthclan and Lightningclan.


Any questions/comments/concerns? Message StarBurnAva OR bambifawnluv! They are sure to respond ASAP.



( Please roleplay everyone! Otherwise we will not get ANYWHERE in this! ;w; we the leaders spent so much time on this i would hate for it to go to waste. ;w; )

Sorry for such the long wait! Here it is! Now let me remind you! The leaders have to make the first posts! Then you are free to reply! ( DO NOT REPLY TO A COMMENT, MAKE A NEW ONE EACH TIME YOU MAKE A RESPONSE. uwu;; Its to make things easier. But you can ask questions on Leader's BOLDED posts. )

Oh, and sorry for the long journal up a head! uwu;; Bare with us!

:bulletyellow: LightningClan :bulletyellow:

It was about midday when the dark clouds started rolling in. The white and black leader looked up at the darkening sky and thought to himself. ‘Looks like it’s going to rain.’ Little did he know, that was not the case. Through out the day the clouds only got darker and darker.

The LightningClan leader padded along the worn down path along the border between his clan, and FlareClan. A large gust of wind blew past him and his patrol. In the distance as he looked towards the direction of the border between LightingClan and StreamClan, he noticed something falling out of the sky. It looked like rain, except it wasn’t.

Something pounded into the ground before him, he looked at it. The object was about the size of his pawpad, it was circular, and white. Nothing he had seen before.
“What is that?” A voice said from behind him, it was one of his patrol warriors.
He looked up towards the sky,
“I don’t know, but we should get back to camp it looks pretty-”Lightning struck down not to far away from them, making everyone jump, a tree on the FlareClan side ignited into flames, Rabbitstar’s fur stood on end.
“Everyone, back to camp, NOW!” He shouted. What ever was going on, it wasn’t natural. The group ran back to camp, and by the time they arrived, the other patrol had gotten back as well. And they seemed frantic.

“Rabbitstar!” Scarfslash called out running over to him from the leader’s den. It seemed he had been trying to calm everyone down till the leader returned.
“The other patrol spotted flooding along the river, and it looks pretty bad. The weather there is bad as well, large balls of seemingly ice is falling out of the sky-”
“Yeah, we saw that too. A tree ignited on FlareClan’s side, and it seems like the skies are getting darker than before.”
“Never have I seen anything like this Rabbitstar, what are we going to do-” The wind started picking up as the hunting patrol came in, in a rush. They didn’t have much on them but it would have to be enough for now.  Rabbitstar looked around, everyone was panicking, and running about. His clan needed to be calm if they were going to pass through this strange storm, by now it had started to rain. The white leader stepped up onto the top of his rock then onto the branch above.

“Cats of LightningClan!” He called over the winds, “Everyone get to your dens, and stay inside!-”
“Rabbitstar we can’t possibly stay in our dens, that white stuff it would go right through the leaves of the Nursery and Warriors den!”
“Not to mention the Apprentice’s den!” Another shouted.
“Calm down everyone, i’m sure we will all be okay-” A loud crash exploded in the air, Rabbitstar found himself flung off the tree and onto the ground. He stumbled to his feet as others screamed around him. He looked up at the tree, and found it split in half, one of the halves stuck from the ground where it originally was, and the other half had fallen down, landing on top of the Warrior’s den.
“Is anyone hurt!?” Scarfslash called out.
“Someone check the Warriors den, someone could have been inside!” Someone called out. Rabbitstar stood and walked over to the Warriors den as two other cats bolted ahead of him. They looked inside and backed up.
“... Rabbitstar, I think you may want to see this…”
“What is it?.. Is someone hurt?-” The tom nodded and the two stepped away. Rabbitstar approached the den and peered inside. The tree had landed directly down the middle of the den. He couldn’t see anyone at first, but then out of the corner of his eye, he nearly missed him. So small and fragile. A lone warrior who had been asleep in his nest, Smallfeathers had been crushed under the weight of the tree. The white leader stepped forwards and sniffed at the tom, he backed away sadly, his ears flat against his head. He backed out of the den, and everyone started to question him what was going on.

He faced them and tried to hold a strong look, but the pain in his eyes shown that nothing good had happened.
“My Clanmates, we have lost a dear warrior of ours. Smallfeathers.” Some cats looked at each other and frowned.
“He’s with StarClan now..”

“What are we going to do Rabbitstar? We’re not safe here, its clear by that!” Scarfslash says towards the white leader.
“.. We have to find somewhere safe, and It can’t be here… The medicine den and my den would be too small to hide everyone..”
“Where will we go?!” Someone asked.
“Will everything be normal again after this!?” Another one shouted. Voices broke out amongst the chattering crowd shouting out their worries.

“Calm down everyone! We all will be fine, does anyone know of a good place we could go?” He asked. The crowd went silent.

Flareclan by StarBurnAva

:bulletorange: FlareClan :bulletorange:

The black leader padded quietly along the planes of his clan. Often he found himself walking alone around the territory, it was peaceful and calm. As he approached the forest nearby to the borders, the strong scent of smoke filled the air. He perked up and looked around, just above the tree line a thick fog of smoke billowed over the trees. Something had caught on fire. He bounded forwards to investigate, and found himself knee deep in mud. With the rain falling, it wasn’t much help. Slowly he made his way out of the mud pit that had collected along the edge of the forest and made his way towards the smoke.

Once there, it wasn’t a good sight. All before him was cackling trees, covering in bright orange flames. It couldn’t have been one of his clanmates, no one would ignite the trees so close to home. He had to warn his clan for their safety. As he headed back,  the rain fell harder, and the wind picked up. Small balls of ice fell every now and then, but with the heat of the mountain nearby, it wasn’t as bad if it were anywhere else in the territories.

He bolted into camp and rushed over to Rubyledge and bounded on top.
“If I could have everyone’s attention please.” He says briefly. Cats looked up at him from where they were either hiding or relaxing in and looked up to the black leader.
“I don’t mean to raise alarm, but fire has caught some trees in the forest. And by the looks of it, a mighty terrible storm is brewing… I advise that everyone stay inside till it clears out.” Cats looked back and forth between each other and nodded.

:bulletblue: StreamClan :bulletblue:

It was a seemingly calm day in Streamclan, besides the fact of the darkened sky. Midnightstar stepped out of his den and took in a deep breath. Almost instantly was swarmed by mewls from below. He looked down and noticed a large group of his clan mates had gathered beneath the den.

“What’s going on?-” Almost instantly he was cut off by sharp meows of discomfort and wet paws. All around camp there were thick puddles of water, some seemed to have been leaking into the dens of the clan.
“We can’t continue living like this Midnightstar!” Someone shouted, “We’ll all get sick if we sleep in wet beds that never stay dry!” Another one said.
A patrol walked into camp rather quickly, it was the hunting patrol he had sent out earlier. By the looks of it, they were soaking wet. One of the cats slipped on a smooth stone surface and crashed into the ground.
“Is everything alright?” He called out to them.
“The river is flooding Midnightstar.. Its impossible to hunt anywhere, let alone catch any fish! The current is too strong!”

“Yeah.. this could be a problem.” He says, he then thought to himself, ‘I need to feed my clan if we are to survive… if this water keeps up then there could be major problems. Let alone it could flood the entirety of the clan.’

Wind rushed through the valley spurring up trees in a rapid yet had fashion. Leaves were pulled off their branches and thrown around in the air. Thunder and Lightning crackled through the clouds, a distant crash could be heard. Cats looked towards the sky it started to rain. It came on light, but then came down like an oncoming predator striking down on its prey. Everyone rushed to their dens to take shelter from the rain. Some cats stayed and looked up to Midnightstar, seeming unsure of his decisions.
“What are we going to do Midnightstar?!” He honestly had no idea, he was only made a leader when the leader and the deputy were dead. He honestly had no experience with leading properly, he didn’t even know why they chose him.
“Lets wait till the storm dies down then we can-” He got distracted when something rather large in size crashed into a puddle down below. More come, and thud into and onto the ground. Little round balls of ice. Where had they come from? It wasn’t leafbare..
“Everyone get into your dens now!” He called out, it clearly wasn’t safe for anyone at that moment.

:bulletgreen: EarthClan :bulletgreen:

Patroling through a windy storm was usually not the best, but since the rivers had been flooding lately, it had been harder and harder to find prey that wasn’t waterlogged. Almondstar padded across the moor with a small hunting patrol behind him. The wind pushed hard on their fur, but they pressed on. They needed to find food, otherwise his clan would go hungry another night.

He looked before him towards the abnormally large tree that laid dead center of EarthClan’s territory. They were bound to find something there, a rabbit maybe, or even a squirrel. As they got closer lightning clashed in the sky, and for a split second, the cats were blinded by a bright light. A large cracking sound ignited in the sky. When the russet tom was able to see again, he noticed that the large tree had been struck down, and the large cracking-

“Everyone move NOW!” He shrieked, the large tree was falling…

Right in front of them.

Coming straight at … them.

The cats split into two smaller groups and rushed to the sides. Almondstar ran as fast as he could to get out of the way of the tree. Down to the ground it crashed, the branches bounced and snapped, a small fire had been started from one of the branches, and the tree caught on fire. The wind picked up spreading the flames further along the tree.
“Is everyone alright!?” He called out, to his side, as well as the others. Voices came from the other side and alarmed him that everyone was alright on that side.

He looked at the fallen tree and frowned, this very tree had been there since the start of the clans. Who would have thought it would fall down?

Rain fell from the sky as the clouds grew darker, Almondstar and his patrol sulked back to camp, once they reached the long stretch of mountain like hills before, they noticed a thick stack of smoke coming over the moor. Where it was coming from, it looked like from home.
“No, no no no!  It can’t be!” He shouted, and ran towards the home he had known for so long. Cats pushed past him as he neared, his own clanmates running in fear of the flames. The rain was not helping much with the fire.

He had to make sure that everyone was safe. He pushed past the fleeing cats, and rushed inside. The elder’s den was smoking heavily, he rushed across the clearing to see if anyone was stuck inside. Part of the log’s roof crashed before him, he couldn’t see past the smoke, but he heard nor saw any signs of distress, they must have gotten out safely, now the rest of the dens.

He watched as some warriors helped others out of the warriors den, which was smoking and on fire as well. He ran over to help, and went to peer inside. As he did so the familiar face of his deputy poked outside.
“Oh- Thank StarClan you are back Almondstar!” He yowled over the wind and rain.
“Is everyone out of camp?” Almondstar asked.
“I’m doing last minute checks before the fire takes over! And so far everyone has! I was just about to check the apprentices den!”
“You go out with the others! I’ll check the Apprentice’s den! Is your niece safe?” Russetsky nodded, “Some others helped her out of the nursery along with their kits, they are safe!”
“Good, now go!” The russet to nodded and ran off, the leader then proceeded to the apprentice’s den in a rush. He peered inside the smoky den, and saw no one inside. Everyone had made, thankfully. But now, where would they go? A raging storm, and a camp fire. And Almondstar swore he could feel the wind picking up stronger and stronger.

:bulletpurple: ScreechClan :bulletpurple:

The tan tabby woke to the sound of thunder crashing through the valley. She rose her head and looked around, she was in her den thankfully. She yawned and stretched briefly, careful not to wake her kits beside her, before strolling outside. The cave was rather dark, darker than normal. How long had she been asleep? She looked down at the lower floor below. No one was playing around on the ground, waiting for hers, or her deputy’s teachings… Was it late? Where was everyone? She carefully padded towards the Warriors den and peered inside. Cricketchirp wasn’t there. Maybe he had gone on a stroll? Just then the deputy bursted into the cave, calling out behind him. “Come on, hurry! Inside everyone!” A majority of the apprentices pushed into the cave.

“Cricketchirp, is everything alright?” The dusty brown tom looked up towards the leader with look of concern.
“I’d thought I take the apprentice’s out today for some practice, since you looked so tired.. then a storm came in… and… and its really really bad…” He says briefly.
“How bad?”
“Round white objects are falling from the sky, lots or rain and wind and-” Just then he slipped and collapsed on the floor.
“- Flooding… at the waterfall… and coming here…” He says shaking his head, then shook his fur.
Brierstar watched as some of the apprentice’s stumbled and slipped trying to get up on the ledge where their den was.
“How far away is it, and how dangerous is it?”
“It looks like a lake out there, its wet under paw no matter where we go, and it only seems to get deeper and deeper the farther we go into our territory… I don’t know how long it will be before it comes here, and floods the place..”
“Are you suggesting we leave then?”
“No of course not! But we may have to if this gets any worse..”

“I understand your concern..” Her clan wasn’t safe here, the cats are all still young, and her kits could easily drown.
“We need to find somewhere safe.. Until this storm passes away and the flooding dies down..” Cricketchirp nodded towards his leader.
“Where would we go then?”
“We’ll have to ask one of the clans to give us hospitality I suppose.. But i’m not sure how that will work.. we have so many… so many little ones too..”
“Are you sure they will go along with what you ask?”
“.. No, but I know one clan that might…”

More Journal Entries


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